Dr. Emma Teeling

Professor Emma Teeling established the Laboratory of Molecular Evolution and Mammalian Phylogenetics in 2005 and is the Founding Director of the Centre for Irish Bat Research at University College Dublin (UCD). She has been awarded a prestigious European Research Council Starting grant (2012) and a Science Foundation Ireland, President of Ireland Young Researcher Award (2006). She successfully leads a prolific, internationally renowned research team of typically 10 people and has secured over €4.5M in research funding. Prof. Teeling’s integrative research in the fields of zoology, phylogenetics and genomics uncovers the genetic signatures of survival that enables species to adapt to an ever-changing environment. The two mains goals of her research are: (1) study unique model species to enable a better understanding of the structure and function of the human genome to inform medicine and molecular biology; (2) understand and therefore conserve, natural populations and environments to promote ecosystem well-being and functioning. Her record of leadership and research excellence is demonstrated by her publication record of 65 internationally peer-reviewed papers, 5 book chapters, 3 invited subject reviews. A number of these publications have over-turned conventional paradigms in mammalian biology and therefore have been published in high profile journals such as Nature (n=1), Science (n=4), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (n=3), and Nature Communications (n=1). Her high standing in the international community is highlighted by a total citation record of 4359; a h-index of 22; prestigious international keynote lectures; invited high profile collaborations such as Genome 10K (includes 64 scientific leaders assembled to sequence 10,000 vertebrate genomes); and, high profile invited public presentations (e.g. TEDx talk; ~ 390,00 views; BBC’s Science Club with Dara O’Brian).


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